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Re: Developers vs Grandmas

Luis Felipe Marzagao wrote:
Sure! But the idea behind it is what is valuable, I think! It shows a simple local file could improve the user experience without having to alter upstream hard-code, and in an easy to maintain manner. Why not do it in a persistent way locally, by Fedora Project, the same way logos, for example, are maintained? Well, if the name of this list is "expanding the Fedora user base", I think this is a tiny thing that would do it. But, anyway, this is just my humble opinion (based on what I hear from users near me). I certainly do not want to populate the wrong list if this is considered to be the case. Thanks for your comments.

If there is value in changing the setting, then there is value in discussing how disruptive it is. IMO, we haven't established that there is enough reasons for changing the settings beyond personal preferences.

Since, there is already a discussion on this, in fedora-desktop list, I would recommend joining that if you have additional input.


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