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[+Digg!] Re: Is KDE 4.2 the Answer to the Linux Desktop?

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 02:29:32PM -0500, Michelle Thompson wrote:
> I have been monitoring tweets (through Twitter) with the keyword: fedora.
> Something on KDE 4.2 and Fedora came up today. There's a small mention of 
> KDE 4.2 being available shortly in Fedora here:
> http://www.genbeta.com/2009/01/28-instalar-kde-42-en-ubuntu-opensuse-y-fedora
> I don't read or write in Spanish (which the blog seems to be written in), 
> but a free translation from the Web on the paragraph about Fedora  
> indicates:
> "In any case, it is expected that very quick [KDE 4.2] be incorporated to 
> the official sources."
> Maybe the people who are already tweeting about this will pick it up when 
> it's done. Or fedora folks could mention it's coming in their tweets. This 
> may also help get the word out.

Good points, Michelle!

And by the way:

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