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Robert Strickland


Please take some time to read my message. 

My name is Robert strickland. I come from Boston, England and I am an open source fanatic. I started using Linux around 4 years ago and I have never lost my enthusiasm for this great operating system. Although I drive a truck for a living i have just finished a web development/marketing (CIW )course that i have been studying in my spare time. I hope to bring everything I have learned to the marketing team. I will be attending lug radio live later on this year and I would like to know if any other members of the marketing team are attending, Maby we could do some promotional stuff for the fedora project.

I am also against software patents as I feel they stifle competition. I will be attending my euro mp's surgery to make my views known. Lets keep software patents out of the EU.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my first post. 



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