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Self-Introduction: Martin Duffy

Hi everyone!

My name is Martin, I'm from upstate New York, and my sister Mairin
works for Red Hat and has gotten me into Fedora and open source
software in general over the past few years. I finished grad school
about a year ago studying English/writing, and currently I'm
volunteering in an Americorps program with the Red Cross as my day
job. I'm hoping to contribute to Fedora marketing by writing copy,
blogs, any kind of media content (podcasts, video, etc.), or whatever
else I can (or can learn) to do! My first job out of college was with
the State University of NY research foundation writing web content,
spotlight features, news, interviews with people, and that sort of
thing for one of their Albany-area high tech career exploration sites,
and my second job also involved writing (mostly legal writing though)
with the NYS Attorney General's office.

Anywho, hope I can be useful in marketing Fedora, and I'm usually
always on google talk (same ID as my email addy) or on AIM where my sn
is justshovejayohbe, so feel free to say hi if you see me!

- Martin

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