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New member to the group

Hey, All!

I'm a big fan of FOSS and have been looking for some communities to get involved in.  Since the past few months I've been becoming enraptured with Fedora and wanted to become a contributing member.

I'm a Java engineer, having specialized in web application development for the past few years.  I currently work for Booz Allen Hamilton in the Washington DC metro area.  I've started my Wiki profile (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Theandruu) but there's not much other than the basics at the moment. 

As I said, I'm looking for ways to become more active, so I heartily welcome suggestions.  Some of the things I hope to get out of this is to meet other people in the community, to learn more skills / become expert in them, to help expand the project's client base, and maybe even contribute some code. 

Best wishes,
Andrew Cuga
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