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Re: Self-Introduction: Chaitanya Mehandru

Welcome, Chaitanya!

    * Recent projects or marketing effors in the past): Worked on
      Software power and performance analysis of multimedia and
      videoconferencing applications on MObile Internet Devices. I have
      worked extensivley on ekiga videoconferencing on arom based
      platforms and wrote a paper on the power/performance
      characterization of videoconferencing on MIDs.

From our conversation on IRC, it sounded like you'd done a technical comparison on mobile internet devices, and that Fedora was a factor on certain things coming out on top (specifically, for power consumption). (And if Fedora doesn't come out on top, we should write it anyway and take it as a challenge to improve. ;)

That technical comparison sounds like it would be a great thing to have available, possibly with a second short version explaining the more technical article for people who aren't embedded engineers - is that something you might be interested in? (If you're more interested in something else, by all means please do that instead!)


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