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News distribution network 2.0

Hi all,

With the past experience from the Fedora 11 cycle and the rise of Fedora Insight, it was time to change the way our news distribution network works, the main difference between both of them is that:

"The Fedora Insight initiative is a "passive" way of delivering a steady flow of news, while the News Distribution Network is an "active" tool to push the most important news all around the world. "

The new page can be found on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_news_distribution_network_%28NDN%29

What has changed?
* During the F11 cycle, we were supposed to write news to this mailinglist, and decide which ones we wanted to send to the NDN. Obviously, this was an epic fail as we never did it this way. * With Fedora Insight, our work will be more focused and streamlined. Our job is tu put content on the Fedora Insight website, along with the News group and other people; we will do this regardless of the NDN. Now we simply have to select the important news stories from FI and send them to NDN, so they can be published internationally.

I don't know the English expression for that, but...on fait d'une pierre deux coups. ;)

Any comments on the new way I'm planning to use the NDN? Its goal is now really to push the most important FI news worldwide, it's a tool deigned just for that.


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