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Tue Jun 23 08:38:05 UTC 2009

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Hi Bryan and Chris,

I had a chance to hear your commentary or more of a rant on Mono and

As the maintainer of Gnote in Fedora, I think I should add a few
clarifications and correct some factual inaccuracies in your podcast.
In about 1:20 hrs,  Bryan adds a comment that Gnote cannot import Tomboy
notes. This is completely incorrect.  Gnote and Tomboy use the same file
format and Gnote in 0.5 version even has a plugin to import Tomboy notes
on the first run.  It would have been trivial to verify this for yourself.

On the size issue - Tomboy and F-Spot has been default in Fedora for
quite sometime.  However from Fedora 10 onwards, it hasn't been in the
*Live CD* because of space constraints and none of the Mono apps would
be installed by default if you install via the Live CD.  Since Gnote is
written in C++ and the dependencies related to that including the gtkmm
packages were already in the Live CD due to other applications,
including Gnote by default in the Live CD is more easier. Installation
via DVD images doesn't have the same constraints and can have a
different set of defaults. The release notes draft for Fedora 12 Beta
published early, already has all this information

Before painting a broad stroke and accusing developers of lying or being
incompetent, it would be better to contact them and get a direct opinion
to cover the full story.  

Adobe Flash - I have heard no one in Fedora claiming that Red Hat Legal
is looking into it. It simply isn't included because Fedora doesn't
include any proprietary applications.  I think comparing the decision to
include or exclude any particular application, by default or otherwise
to DRM is over the top as well.  I came across a blog post at,-Episode-7-Cleaning-up-the-mess/
which conveys what I wanted to say about that.  As of now, Fedora
continues to include the latest Mono applications in the repository.  It
was a long podcast and I could add more clarifications but suffice to
say that you both went high on emotions and low on facts. Next time, you
aren't sure of the details about anything related to Fedora, feel free
to contact us and we can help you understand why we make the decisions
we do.  Thank you for your time.


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