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Re: Some notes on Fedora and Mono

On 06/23/2009 09:23 PM, Bryan Lunduke wrote:
> As the Co-host of the show in question, I think I should correct some
> factual inaccuracies in your email.
> Chris, the other co-host, was the one that said Gnote cannot import
> Tomboy notes.  You'll not that IMMEDIATELY after he says this I
> correct him and provide the information that the two applications, in
> fact, use the same file format.
> That you bring this up, worded in the way it was, shows that you did
> not actually watch/listen to the segment in question.  Or, at least,
> did not pay attention.
Chris wasn't aware of the details and commented incorrectly that Gnote
doesn't import Tomboy notes and you follow it up with  "It's a funny
thing is that it uses the same file format. This gnote thing is
ridiculous" That sounds like you are both agreeing with each other
rather than correcting anything and yes, I did pay attention.

>      I think comparing the decision to
>     include or exclude any particular application, by default or otherwise
>     to DRM is over the top as well.  I came across a blog post at
>     http://the-gay-bar.com/index.php?/archives/314-Linux-Action-Show-Season-10,-Episode-7-Cleaning-up-the-mess/
>     which conveys what I wanted to say about that.  As of now, Fedora
>     continues to include the latest Mono applications in the repository.
> But not included by default, correct?  If we are wrong. 

Yes, you are both wrong.  Fedora 11 which is the latest release
continues to include Tomboy and F-Spot installed by default.  Fedora 12
will include Gnote by default instead of Tomboy in the Live CD and
F-Spot continues to be default in the DVD as of now.


> And the Fedora project is spending zero time re-inventing working
> software... then let us know.

That's absolutely right.  Gnote is developed by Hub (cc'ed) who is a
independent developer not associated with the Fedora Project.  I don't
mind a rant as long as it is valid criticism but in this case, it seems
to have been based on misconceptions instead.  It would be courteous to
post some corrections.  Thanks.


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