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Re: This Weekend

On Sat, 14 Mar 2009, Max Spevack wrote:

about it but I am curious as to why these particular features are being picked among the many many new features planned for Fedora 11. I think, we need to make sure we are picking the right features to focus on, first.

We discussed this stuff publicly in both of the last two Marketing Meetings on IRC, so if you read over the logs, you will have seen some conversation about them there.

Following up on those IRC conversations, Paul and I chatted about it a bit over the phone privately.

Then I put up a first-pass of the in-depth features page for everyone to take a look at on the Marketing list.

See Paul's previous reply for more details.

Given all of the context now available in this thread, Rahul, do you:

a) feel like we were clear enough about doing this in public? (For the record, I believe that we were very clear about it in the context of the marketing meetings, but if you hadn't heard about it until Jack's email, then something fell through the cracks.)

b) feel like there is anything either wrong, or missing, from the list?


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