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Sun Sep 13 18:47:16 UTC 2009

A strong community of people with the passion to improve the hardware, 
software, and content of the devices has grown through the OLPC Wiki 
<> right here in Rochester.  The Rochester 
connection to the class is the OLPC Users Group 
<>, led by Frederick Grose 
and Karlie Robinson, both of whom have been instrumental in the 
development and delivery of the course and the coops.  It was the ties 
Robinson had to the Open Source community as owner of 
<> that initiated the program's connections to Red 
Hat, Fedora <> (who donated 25 OLPC's to 
Jacob's  lab for Technological Literacy) and Sugar Labs (the OLPC 
spin-off responsible for the growth and development of the Sugar 
operating system). Grose and Jacobs began working on OLPC related 
efforts two years ago and it was Grose who supervised the Co-Ops and was 
the primary organizer of a week --long trip to Boston to meet others in 
the OLPC, Sugar and Open Source communities.
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