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Re: FAD and some other stuff

Attached is a ODS of plane fare for the Marketing FAD compiled from me lazily
searchingk kayak...

Wow - thanks, Ryan!

expensive as time goes on... looks like the cheapest place for us to meet is
DC, followed by Boston. Personally, I'm leaning towards Boston or Raleigh

For the record: the estimates (for flights alone) from the spreadsheet are:

Washington DC - $1574
Boston - $1694
Raleigh - $2136

I'm assuming we're going to have the FAD in NA since it seems to be the most central place for those interested in attending (though I would love to have future Marketing FADs outside NA, and to do everything we can to get non-NA Marketers to be able to fully participate in this).

This doesn't take into account housing costs, which (if we need to do hotel rooms) could also get pretty expensive. I don't know what the couchsurfing situation is in each location and how people feel about couchsurfing, or how it's been done for prior FADs, but these are the people we would /not/ need to figure out housing for at each location:

Washington DC: 1 (Paul)
Boston: 1 (Mel)
Raleigh: 2 (Kara, Max)

... I think that what we actually need right now is a hard number for a budget, so we know what in the way of resources we have, and whether we should be pouring those resources into getting everyone together, or into making this into a "you can participate remotely!" FAD, etc.

Let's see if we can nail that - and the final details - down... possibly not at the next meeting this coming Tuesday (although we can probably get a hard number for budget by then), but by the end of the next one on Jan 12th.


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