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Re: FAD and some other stuff

... I think that what we actually need right now is a hard number for
a budget, so we know what in the way of resources we have, and whether
we should be pouring those resources into getting everyone together,
or into making this into a "you can participate remotely!" FAD, etc.
Hopefully we could get all together for once for our first FAD.

We have a ceiling of somewhere around $3k, so let's switch into "get everyone together" mode. I'd like to see if we can pull travel and housing for everybody off for $2500 so we have some buffer room for things like a rental car (if needed) and food.

Any thoughts on length-of-FAD? I'm not sure what people's work schedules look like, but if we overlap with weekend days to minimize the amount of schedule-shifting folks who aren't on school vacation have to do, some 4-day options would be Thursday-Sunday, Wednesday-Saturday, and Saturday-Tuesday.

The last one is my current favorite because we'd start out with a weekend to plan and gear up base material, and then have 2 full workdays to find engineers to interview, talk with RH PR folks, etc... and end with our normal Tuesday meeting time and use it to sync up everyone who can't physically make it.

Hotel rooms in Raleigh are cheaper than in pretty much any other location - we can get pretty nice doubles for about $30/person/night. Just thinking out loud right now.


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