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Re: Marketing goals, revisited: the 4 Foundations

Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Mon, Jan 04, 2010 at 01:27:12AM -0800, Mel Chua wrote:
[...snip a bunch of brilliant stuff with which I agree...]

[snip some more stuff to focus on the summit]

- RH Summit

Yep, we should find out what's going on with this - not having been
to one of these before myself, I'm not sure what the opportunities
here look like, or how we fit in, but I think it's definitely worth
exploring. Mo and Paul and several others on this list have been at
the Fedora booth at RH Summits before (I think Mo and Paul went to
the one this past summer) but that's about all I know.

This is a great topic now, while planning is underway for that event
(refer to http://redhat.com/summit for details on the 2010 Summit).
There will be a Fedora presence at the event, and it will depend
somewhat on who can be available in Boston to staff the booth.  That
presence will not be a FUDCon, although we may endeavor to do more
than simply have a booth.

At the last Summit in Chicago, we organized setup, booth duty,
etc. based on the available time of Fedora contributors.  It was
sometimes ad-hoc because many of the available people were actually
attending the show on their own (or company's) time, but overall the
booth work was very well spread out, everyone pitched in admirably,
and we had a *LOT* of visitors.

With a Boston-located Summit, we will have the potential benefit of a
large number of Fedora contributors from the area who can help out at
a booth, organize a series of campground talks (which are essentially
ad-hoc, volunteer speaker sessions), and so on.

I will start asking the organizers now about:

* Booth passes for volunteers who are interested in helping out --
   these might be limited to show floor only but it's still a valuable

* A reserved room of some sort for Fedora and related next-generation
   technology talks

I don't know whether it would be appropriate for such a reserved room or rather directly the summit, but I've thrown some ideas in the wiki on a possible session I'd be interested in giving and wanted to toss it up for comments & thoughts. Shoot! :)


The more we get into show representation, the more we probably want to
migrate this specific topic over to the Ambassadors list to include
all the right folks.

Some Marketing specific deliverables might also include production of
special show-timed flyers that give people general information about
Fedora, and/or production of a Fedora 13 Live USB key for the event.

Would be happy to help especially with the latter part!


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