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Social Media resource - Engagement Marketing PodCast

Thought I'd pass on this podcast explaining how to use Social Media (Twitter, Facebook etc) as an Engagement Marketing tool. 

The CraftyPod website's audience lies somewhere in the Cottage industry of craft hobbyists, but the information is good for anyone wanting a better understanding of marketing with social media. 

In this show:

• Let’s look at Engagement Marketing, a very important tool for your crafty business in the internet age.

• We’ll talk about how blogging, Twitter and Facebook can help you reach new customers… if you use them wisely.

• We’ll also look at the most common online marketing mistakes I’ve seen crafty business owners make in 2009.

The show is about 20 minutes long and you can play it directly from the website or download it to listen off line.  Just click the link below to get started. 



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