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Re: Fedora-tour idea

Advocatus diaboli would say on slashdot, via Matt Asay: "See, Red Hat wants 
to abuse poor little users for free testing" what would you counter to sth 
like that?

FTR - I love the idea, but I want it to be perfect ;-)

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Subject: Fedora-tour idea

Feature idea from the channel tonight - sharing the results of
brainstorming/thinking out loud.


05:19:30 <PhrkOnLsh> If jrandom comes into #fedora saying "hey i just
installed fedora, everything was simply stellar" we could do a quick
"hey do you have five minutes?
05:20:20 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: I actually wonder... if... I'm thinking
about fedora-tour now.
05:20:31 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: hmm :)
05:20:36 <mchua> When you install Fedora from scratch, it prompts you at
the end if you want to submit your smolt profile.
05:20:42 <mchua> If you say yes, it automagically ships it off.
05:20:54 <mchua> But what if - in Fedora-tour, or something - by the
little "contribute" section, it went a bit further?
05:21:08 <mchua> And said "hey, here are some things we'd love for you
to check, and see if they work - try doing X, Y, Z"
05:21:42 <mchua> and then a few minutes later, "congratulations you just
submitted your first test case! now go see where it went, and who's
going to pick it up from there..."
05:21:52 <rbergeron> oh, that'd be interesting.
05:21:52 <PhrkOnLsh> hmmm
05:21:55 <PhrkOnLsh> yeah
05:21:58 <rbergeron> "follow the open source white rabbit"
05:22:02 <PhrkOnLsh> i like it
05:22:03 <rbergeron> "hopefully down the rabbit hole"
05:22:04 <rbergeron> :)
05:22:23 <mchua> redpill!
05:22:39 <rbergeron> follow the white rabbit, neo
05:22:42 <mchua> (the Matrix, obviously, got the colors mixed up. Blue
should be down the rabbit hole.)
05:23:04 <PhrkOnLsh> take the redpill, install the blue linux :P

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