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Re: EMEA Ambassadors talking about TV ads

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 3:56 AM, Sean DALY <sdaly.be@gmail.com> wrote:

Nonprofits are generally challenged in arranging mass media
advertising; the usual approach is to find an ad agency which will
work pro bono, and broadcasters willing to donate air time /
publishers willing to donate print ad space.

FWIW I talked about these issues here:


I came across some ideas for promoting Amateur Radio events on an ARRL magazine. What the suggested is that the organization at large produce some shorts videos about what they do, in the most generic way. They already have some material.[0] They leave some spaces where you can add up your specific information like dates of events and contact data of the nearest group. Then you can go to a local TV station and ask as a non-profit if the have some time avaliable. Usually they fill they lack of pay advertisements promoting their schedule (upcoming programs). They recommend that the material has to be exactly timed ... if you say 20 seconds should be that and not roughly 20 seconds.

So the basic idea is to have ready material professional made, make room for localization and then locally negotiated with TV stations. This needs people skills to find a friend on the TV station to endorse this non-profit announce. It only will work if this more an announcement for a specific event that will justify the non-profit cause. If it looks like advertisement they will be trying to charge for it. This looks like a joint venture for marketing producing and ambassadors distributing.

Sound fun to recycle ideas and adapt them to work for us.

[0] http://www.hello-radio.org/

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