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Re: Fedora-tour idea

Maybe a simple list of the new and exciting features sorted by user profile (desktop users/ engineers/ gamers / mobile devices/etc) and then a link per chapter so that the user may access more info should he/she desire.
After all, every s/w house needs users as final testers, otherwise it is not possible to provide any kind of quality or improvements.
Fedora asks for contributors. This is something the community does by definition, so it is no one to blame, all distros need their users to point them to some direction. It is normal.
As about the implementation of the "more info" most probably we (from marketing team) should help the development teams to produce end-user type material (I bet they already have produced technical documentation) based on the existing documentation.
Then we can test the content with the help of non-technical persons (I was thinking about my wife and a couple of friends) based on their interest, and finally add the required final touches.

Sakis Samaras

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 10:10 AM, Mel Chua <mel redhat com> wrote:
On 01/07/2010 03:03 AM, Jan Wildeboer wrote:
Advocatus diaboli would say on slashdot, via Matt Asay: "See, Red Hat wants
to abuse poor little users for free testing" what would you counter to sth
like that?

FTR - I love the idea, but I want it to be perfect ;-)


Ooo. Thanks, Jan - we need more advocatus diaboli on this list. ;)

It's an opt-in activity in the "do you want to learn how to contribute" section of fedora-tour; you won't have to do this - or even see it - if you're not interested. Basically, a "Learn More!" wizard instead of <a href="" href="http://link.org" target="_blank">http://link.org">learn more!</a>.

Alternatively: Think of it as an included lesson people can choose to deploy if they're curious about how open source communities work together, and how they can begin contributing to that ecosystem if they take a look and decide they're interested.

I imagine there would be a "are you interested in learning about $foo?" click, and then a "yes, I'd like to contribute in this way!" click; by the time they get to the "hello, I am a QA contributor" part, they'll know full well that's what they're doing, that they want to do it, and that they have a choice that will not disadvantage them in any way if they don't pick it.

(Would this work as a counter? What holes are there in it?)


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