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Re: EMEA Ambassadors talking about TV ads


In venezuela we already have a (really small) participation in Radio and TV. Past Flisol2009 give us the opportunity to be on tv (for about a minute) and also a couple of radio interviews about free software and fedora (I made one and Wilmer "K0k" Jaramillo give another).

I have the resources to this files (Spanish links) but I think is viable for us to even make a tv show (maybe a 5 minutes clip weekly) in a Caracas tv station and in a Radio who transmit in all Venezuela middle towns.

Now that I read that there is a true interest in this I will start working and see what can came out :)



2010/1/7 Neville A. Cross <nacross gmail com>


To promote FEL in QST magazine ( official magazine for http://arrl.org ) it is just to sell the idea to the editorial board. Can be big like trying to squeeze a full page article. Can be small like trying to get a mention on a section. It think it can be easy to get attention from the section "eclectic technology" to mention this spin. Maybe sending a disk to this columnist, he happens to recommend linux stuff time to time.

By the way... I will engage on trying to get it mentioned on eclectic technology section. I will contact the columnist and see what happens.

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