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Re: EMEA Ambassadors talking about TV ads

2010/1/7 María Leandro <tatica fedoraproject org>

In venezuela we already have a (really small) participation in Radio and TV. Past Flisol2009 give us the opportunity to be on tv (for about a minute) and also a couple of radio interviews about free software and fedora (I made one and Wilmer "K0k" Jaramillo give another).

I have the resources to this files (Spanish links) but I think is viable for us to even make a tv show (maybe a 5 minutes clip weekly) in a Caracas tv station and in a Radio who transmit in all Venezuela middle towns.

Now that I read that there is a true interest in this I will start working and see what can came out :)



I think that's great. We should look for opportunities to do radio/tv interviews. I have been involved on some interviews for Software Freedom Day (before and during the event). When an event is upcoming, it is possible to get one minute in radio or tv to talk about it because it is news. It is part of what is happening. I have to point that interviews are not advertisement, we are probably going to another topic... this more news distribution. I probably have helped to get out of focus in this topic. But I have to admit that the approach to get it on air is similar, what changes is the format (Live interview vs. pre recorded material)

Just to prove that it possible ... and brag a bit !


Mental note... always wear fedora t-shirt or polo !

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