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Fwd: [Ambassadors] DIY booklets for better info delivery

IRC convo in #fedora-mktg, and (immediately afterwards) Justin's resulting email to Ambassadors; good example of how Ambassadors and Marketing can work together.


18:20:59 < Southern_Gentlem> a trifold brochure explaining the fedora project and a f13 features i am guessing
18:21:21 < mchua> Southern_Gentlem: would that be something like
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_one_page_release_notes but laid out in trifold brochure form? 18:21:39 < Southern_Gentlem> something easily to make and hand out to people at events and othewise 18:22:01 < Southern_Gentlem> mchua, thats something we can discuss in the FAD 18:22:42 < mchua> Southern_Gentlem: pop it on the wiki page so we can make sure it's on the agneda
18:22:44 < mchua> er, agenda
18:23:15 < mchua> My guess is that we'll be doing a hard look at the
deliverables we produce and whether they're the right ones, so that fits right in. 18:24:32 < threethirty> why couldnt that be a DIY thing? get the artwork team to make a cool looking PDF and then someone (somepeople) could just print them
18:24:45 < threethirty> it would be like the free media thing
18:25:45 < mchua> Yeah, there's a distinction between
18:25:57 < mchua> (1) media the Marketing team *must* make each release, and needs to be directly responsible for
18:26:01 < mchua> (for instance, talking points)
18:26:04 < mchua> s/media/deliverables
18:26:29 < mchua> (2) deliverables that could be made each release, but which the Marketing team doesn't need to be directly responsible
for (i.e. "if someone wants to make it, great, if not, ok")
18:26:52 < mchua> similarly, I don't think there's anything the Marketing team needs to *physically* produce. 18:27:33 < mchua> the way I'd see it is that if an Ambassador wants media to take to an event, they would ask their regional Ambassador coordinators for budget and coordinate the physical production of the digital materials produced by Marketing and Design.
18:27:53  * inode0 agrees
18:28:13 < mchua> Southern_Gentlem, threethirty: does this make sense? I do think you're right and that this needs to be brought up / clarified at the FAD or earlier
18:28:36 < mchua> threethirty: and your analogy to Free Media is right on.
18:29:08 < inode0> I want marketing to help generate great content, ambassadors can do the production itself
18:29:53 < inode0> which might just be saying x, y, and z should be added
18:30:43 < Southern_Gentlem> mchua, link to the FAD page please
18:31:05 < threethirty> i really just want a wiki page with cool stuff that you can download, print (or have printed), assemble, and distribute, im working on a way to "screen" discs using stencils and spraypaint 18:32:29 < mchua> Southern_Gentlem: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_FAD_2010 18:32:51 < inode0> threethirty: I don't see any reason you can't just do that
18:34:44 < threethirty> inode0 which that :)
18:35:49 < inode0> create a wiki page and run with it
18:36:10 < threethirty> alrighty can do

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [Ambassadors] DIY booklets for better info delivery
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2010 13:15:17 -0500
From: Justin O'Brien <three threethirty us>
Reply-To: fedora-ambassadors-list redhat com
To: fedora-ambassadors-list redhat com

Howdy all:

I had this crazy idea of taking the idea of a 'zine and making it a
useful tool for Ambassadors [and anyone else for that matter but I'm an
Ambassador and short sighted :)].  These could be implemented at no cost
to RHT/Fedora and could be done for fairly cheap (I think).

Ok Idea #1 is a booklet that I have hacked up a [terrible] alpha quality
version of http://dl.dropbox.com/u/194299/Fedora%20Booklet.tar.bz2 The
idea is we make a quick intro guide to Free Software and the fedora
project.  I was thinking 8-12 pages printed on US Legal sized paper
[8.5x14 (to allow for a nice full page to read from)] that was basically
a subset of the wikipedia article on Free Software (so that it was
neutral sounding) and most of the Overview wiki page.

Yes I know its on-line so why print it, well because people are lazy.
Wiki's are great because they have a lot of information.  Wiki's are
also a PITA because they have a lot of information :)

Another thing that could be done with this is as you are stapling it you
could take a paper cd/dvd sleeve and add it to the mix, that way there
was one thing to hand people.

Idea #2 is an "Ambassadors Field Guide" basically the same idea but
would have a list of FAQ's and answers, a near total list of contacts
for every sub project (I know this isn't totally feasible but I can
dream can't I), the talking points for $currentRealease and
$nextRealease, and anything else we can come up with that would be
helpful to have in hand when we are talking to people.

I think Idea #2 is absolutely suited to the DIY 'zine format because if
you destroy it carting it around in your back pocket you can just print
another one.

I know that anyone person could make both of these happen but I was
hoping to pool the knowledge of others and hopefully get the art team
involved so these could be a nice looking as possible.

Justin "threethirty" O'Brien
Fedora Ambassador
threethirty fedoraproject org
threethirty on freenode.net
@threethirty - twitter/identi.ca/jaiku
Phone: (765) 688-0723

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