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Re: Fedora Project Facebook page?

Ryan Rix wrote:
Hey all,

Do we know who owns http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fedora-Project/7670534782 ? I can't figure out how to tell as a member who owns any given page.
FB has changed the page layouts so you can't tell owners/admins anymore, which is a shame. I believe Larry Caifero is one owners of that particular FB page.

I also summarized the Fedora-related groups on LinkedIn on 12/2/09 on fedora-marketing, which is another outlet we can work on.

 - pascal
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/SocialNetworks doesn't have the maintainer listed. I was thinking that when Fedora Insight goes golden, it would be the -perfect- oppurtunity to expand our social networking presence on Facebook, twitter, identi.ca and other networks, because, at least Facebook, allows you to post via rss, and then push to twitter (don't think it'll push to identi.ca, though...) Of course, to do that, we need to own that page :-)

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