[Fedora-music-list] Jamendo presentation to fedora-music

Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Fri Aug 18 21:08:47 UTC 2006

On Fri, 18 Aug 2006, Aaron Sherman wrote:

> My theory as to why is that bittorrent has a small chunk size and
> randomizes access. Gnutella has a larger chunk size and while it
> randomizes the first chunk from each available swarm source, it then
> continues linearly through the file as long as the next chunk is not
> already downloaded or being fetched from elsewhere; it then applies a
> heuristic that I haven't fully looked into (and may be client-specific),
> but the net result is that I almost never find a file on a Gnutella
> network for which less than 100% of the original file is available.

> > a. Offer some Fedora infrastucture to help seed Ogg files.  I can put this 
> > question in front of the board.  Strategic investment in a couple of 
> > servers could boost the availability of Ogg files significantly.
> If you do so, it doesn't hurt to provide the same service for gnutella.
> There's a server-only called quack out there that serves roughly the
> same purpose as a tracker.

Jamendo supports BitTorrent and eMule/eDonkey.  The goal for making these
seeds available is to support users of Jamendo.

I don't know much about eMule/eDonkey, though.


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