[Fedora-music-list] Fedora Music Update

Sylvain ZIMMER sylvain at sylvainzimmer.com
Sat Aug 26 08:50:01 UTC 2006


I'm the CTO of jamendo, feel free to ask me questions/comments about the 
API. (quick doc : http://wiki.jamendo.com/index.php/EnMusicApi)

> As far as I can tell, Jamendo does not have any sort of per-category/tag
> streaming.
Actually we can stream anything as you can see on the wiki page

A per-tag stream :

If you're looking for an artist:

matches the tracks of our artist "binarymind".

> I'm not sure of the best way to integrate Jamendo into Rhythmbox in the
> short-term (the plugin would be the long term solution).  Laurent, any
> ideas ?
I think there are a few solutions :

 - "Augment" rythmbox when it detects a jamendo playlist / song (make it 
fetch the artwork, display the CC licence, display feedback links, 
bittorrent links, ..)

 - Access the jamendo library with the Artist / Album browser, as if the 
files were on disk, and stream/download them when playing.
(You can fetch all the artists with a call like that 
and then the albums for one artist with 

- Display a "tag cloud", make the user select its favourite tags, and 
launch the radio associated with the tags.

- Make the user able to fetch its jamendo playlists (API is not ready yet)

>> * RHYTHMBOX PLUG-IN EXPERIMENTATION (lmacken, ssalevan).  Jamendo has 
>> some
>> great xmlrpc calls.  We'd like to hook into them so that Rhythmbox can
>> show artist info -- maybe even in the notifications field for Rhythmbox.
>> Like, say, where an artist will be playing, or where you can buy a
>> t-shirt.  Mostly, we'll just be playing around to figure out how this 
>> will
>> work.  Luke/Steve, it might be worth finding some CVS space in 
>> Fedora-land
>> if other people are interested in this.
> We can probably do some pretty cool stuff with this.  I haven't looked
> at the API in great detail, but it doesn't look like there is a way to
> retrieve album covers?
I've added a handy shortcut for that :

Even simplier :

I'll do my best to provide you with convenient ways to fetch the data 
you want ;-) Thanks again for your support, we're very excited about it !


Sylvain ZIMMER
CTO, www.jamendo.com

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