[Fedora-music-list] Free/open music scene ...

Mike A. Harris mharris at mharris.ca
Wed Aug 30 15:06:40 UTC 2006

This isn't limited to Fedora per se, but someone suggested I post
my question here to kick-start things...

I've been exploring the free/open music scene in search
of new music released under creative commons type licenses,
etc. as well as new sounds/styles out there.

I've found that there is a tremendous amount of music out there,
however I have yet to find any music I'd consider "gems".  Most
of the music I've found so far has either been outside of my
range of musical tastes, or has had an amateurish quality to it.
Nonetheless I remain hopeful that there is actually "good" free
music out there, and my search continues...  ;o)

Does anyone have any recommendations of any _good_ artists/bands
that release material under creative-commons to check out?  Of
course I realize that "good" or "bad" is subjective and an
individual thing that will vary greatly between different
people, but I'm hoping some of you know of free music which
would appeal either to larger audiences, to those who prefer
specific genres, or music that would be catered more specifically
to musicians - such as progressive rock/metal or similar.

Anything from classical, blues, rock, metal, progressive,
neoclassical, alternative, or instrumental music would be
up my alley, although I'm quite open minded about music in

In the mean time, I'll keep hunting...


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