[Fedora-music-list] Re: Free/open music scene ...

Mike A. Harris mharris at mharris.ca
Wed Aug 30 15:57:03 UTC 2006

Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> Something else you can do that will really help: set up a torrent with all 
> that great new bandwidth.  :)
> The reasons that I'm *really* excited about Jamendo:
> 1. Lots of free content in one place, with a rating mechanism that 
> actually works.
> 2. Real growth in artists.
> 3. Bittorrent, which means low costs for delivery.
> 4. They serve Oggs!  This will be *crucial* for the Fedora story.
> BUT... the Ogg torrents are underserved.  Help.  :)  Here's what you
> yourself can do, right now:
> http://www.jamendo.com/us/static/jamendotools_jamseeder/
> I'm working to get hardware, but it could be a while before it's ready to 
> go -- like, a month-ish.  In the meantime, I'm about to go buy a big 
> external hard drive, attach it to an old system at home, and run Jamseeder 
> myself.

I'll definitely explore doing that.  I've got an aggregated up/down
100Gb monthly transfer cap, which is _tonnes_ more than I ever use
personally, so I definitely have some bandwidth and cap to share.

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