[fedora-my] Fedora-My - F11 Release Party meeting details

Izhar Firdaus kagesenshi.87 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 15:56:22 UTC 2009

Ok, heres the details of the meeting for those who might missed it (or
was chatting too much to the point they missed it)

Date and Venue

It is generally agreed upon to choose Saito College as the venue for
the event. Tentative date would be 4th of july as anything earlier
would be hard to manage and anything later would be better to wait for
Jim Whitehurst visit to .My. 11th and 12th July clashes with a
different event :P

Activities during the event

Currently suggested activities includes:

 * Install workshop -> Saito college interested to get one whole lab
to be installed with Fedora. So probably we should do a workshop for
some group of people to learn how to setup fedora and later deploy it
in the lab.

 * Talk on new features of Fedora : list of possible topics on what to
talk about : http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/11/FeatureList ..

 * Sabrina suggested a talk on "What Is Fedora" for people who doesnt
know what fedora is.

 * Other talks suggested by wariola are technical stuff which might be
interesting such as KVM and others.

 * Haresh suggested talks about GIMP as Saito is an art college

 * Party time - not decided whether we will be doing a snack session
at Saito or not.  Several options:
    - get some sponsor for snacks and allow every attendees to join in
during the snack session
    - create a small limited attendee snack session
    - or .. announce that we are all heading to nearby restaurant for
eat!!~ (and go dutch)

Due to we are unsure about the number of attendee .. no budget yet ..
anyway .. for freebies (which we can try poking Red Hat or Fedora
Community Architecture officer for stuff) here are the suggested

 * 20 to 30 Fedora 11 LiveCD or DVD (or a mix of both) - nicely
printed with labels and printed sleeves
 * Fedora stickers
 * Some Red Hat souvenirs (pen or lanyards or anything)

If Red Hat do want to support, its also a good idea to request some
flyers from them (both for Fedora and Red Hat marketing) to distribute
to attendees.

Thats it for now, do add if i missed anything .. i'll be updating the
wiki for this event hopefully by tonight or tomoro .. its burning in
here .. el nino sucks ..

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