Need help: mounting usb devices on headless machines

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Thu Aug 7 06:37:40 UTC 2008

Fedoristas in the crowd,

I am trying to find a tool that allows me to

 - automount usb devices when they are plugged in (via udev/hal)
 - would be nice to support removable devices
 - trigger an associated script on mount
 - all on a headless server!

There is no udev/hal automounter that works on headless servers
currently shipping on Fedora. Ivman is packaged, but not shipping
currently (dead upstream, very cumbersome config). Working with the
lvman config files is _not_ fun, and not modular at all - if several
school server pacakges want different things, it'll be a mess.

I have found an alternative that I like more, usbmount, which seems to
work, is trivial to configure, provides the subset of Ivman that I
need,  and makes it simple for other packages to drop hook scripts
into place via /etc/usbmount/mount.d . It doesn't have an active
maintainer though.

So I need some help :-) and it's not too complex.

Option one - point me to something that works and is maintained -- if
you know of a good reliable tool that I missed, I want to know. Can
you help me configure it for this task?

Option two - help me package & tweak usbmount for F7 and F9. The
codebase is *tiny*, we can carry it.

Option three - you are very keen on wrangling ivman's complexity and
baroque xml. Grand! Let's teach it to do /etc/ivman/conf.d/ :-)

Option four: anyone with a better plan?

I'll probably start chipping away at #2 tomorrow...


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