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Fedora 10 on XO

Hi All,

I am working on requirements for the next major release of the XO, 9.1.0 (see: overview at: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/9.1.0).

There are two major requirements which would benefit from expert Fedora knowledge:
- Rebase to Fedora 10
- Run Fedora applications

The first draft requirements on them are defined here:

Any comments welcome. Do they make sense? Are they well defined? What else do we need to track?

A few other questions (RTFM with URL responses OK):

1 - How big (MBs) are the supported X window managers? If we have to choose one or two which should we include?

2 - Is there a Netbook implementation of Fedora? We're going to need a bare minimum of default installed applications. Let me know if there are suggestions on which to include.

3 - Does Fedora 10 supports 802.11s?

I will do more research on those but if anyone has a quick answer handy it will save me time.

Also, send me a note if you're interested in working on either of those or anything on our not-yet-prioritized roadmap http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Feature_roadmap.


Greg Smith
OLPC Product Manager

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