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Re: Rebase joyride to Fedora 10

Marco -

I know that CJB has been thinking about this for a little while and may
already have some info/answers.  I realize he can better speak for himself,
but he's in Uruguay and I don't know how regular his email access is.  But
be sure to get his input before making too many specific plans - thanks!

    - Ed

On 11/11/08 4:50 AM, "Marco Pesenti Gritti" <mpgritti gmail com> wrote:

> Hello,
> we are planning to rebase to Fedora 10 for OLPC 9.1 and we would
> better start on it asap. I'm not sure what needs to happen at the
> build system level exactly but my guess would be:
> * Create an OLPC-4 branch based on Fedora 10.
> * Create the various dist-olpc4-* tags.
> * Move pilgrim to use those.
> Who can help with the Fedora side of things?
> Thanks,
> Marco
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