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Re: Final check on F10 comments/testing

Ed et al.

First, I'd like to say kudos to all of the hard work gone into getting
F10 to work with the XO. I've only been testing this over the last few
weeks and I have seen great progress in the stability of the system,
particularly in the most latest release. However, that being said I do
have to agree with Ed; I often have to reboot several times to get into
a working desktop. Then when successful after six minutes  I get into
that desktop it appears to be stable; however, things like Firefox take
a while to load (I realize we are running a full live CD).

My question is would this on-disk product be better served by building
up an F10 distro slimmed down specifically for the XO and for placement
on to a file system (ext3?) on the SD card rather then booting a live cd?

My concern is that this solution gets seen as a desktop (manager)
replacement for the XO and customers are angry after having spent $400
to get an XO and then ~$30 for and SD card that is only really meant for

Please bear in mind that it is not my intent to criticize here but
rather to try and avoid what could be seen as a failure for OLPC/Fedora.



Ed McNierney wrote:
> Folks -
> I would like to give Karlie and Todd at On-Disk.com some sense of the
> testing and user community on the F10 release.  Could everyone please
> comment on their experience using the latest Preview release and
> Jeremy's most recent boot script?
> I'll start <g> by pointing out that I'm still concerned about the
> usability of this release.  I've spent this morning trying things out,
> and I continue to get assorted boot-time failures (hangs) maybe half
> the time.  When I do boot successfully things seem fine, but my
> wireless network connection keeps dropping and I can't launch FireFox
> at all.  I realize I'm doing intermittent tests in the middle of doing
> a lot of other things, so user and/or environmental errors may be at
> least partly to blame.
> It would be very valuable to hear from other folks who've been more
> active who can look at the current release and let us know what you
> think - thanks!
>     - Ed
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