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Re: Fedora Live CD for Sugar

Greg Dekoenigsberg wrote:

I have:

* A livecd for Fedora 10 devel (rawhide) that allows a Sugar 0.82 boot option via GDM. We're missing activites, but as those make their way into rawhide for F10, we will close these gaps quickly.

As announced in OLPC SIG's most recent meeting, I've now uploaded a first image here:


We're still missing some activities - for now, there should be Write, Chat, Terminal and Log on the spin.

* A kickstart file that can be used by any Fedora user to generate such an image trivially.

The updated kickstart file is located here:


I removed Gnome to save space, though.

So. Where shall we host them? Somewhere in Fedora-land, or somewhere in Sugar-land?


I'll submit the kickstart to the Spin SIG for technical approval, so that we can get it in the spin-kickstarts repo on GIT (as Rahul pointed out).


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