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Re: sugar spin and liveusb-creator

Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
> Hi all,
> you may have already noticed, but we've got a Sugar spin based on Fedora
> up here:

I'm loathe to CC all those lists, but being a newbie, what exactly does
this mean?  Are these new releases of the XO software?  Or of the Fedora
10 stuff for XO?  Or sugar on non-XO Fedora?  A replacement for the 767
image I installed?  Or is this something else entirely?

I was brought in to help with the fedora 10 testing on OLPC, but I'm
still having a hard time telling which of the billions of mails to the
testing and OLPC lists are relevant to me.  ;)

As people start getting their XOs, is there going to be a coordination
effort to make it more obvious what specific things we should be doing
to give relevant test help?  I feel like there are too many unrelated
and separate things going on, and I'm not sure what to focus my efforts

Is there a jargon file somewhere that describes what a "spin" and an
"overlay" are and how they relate to a live CD, which I assume is
something different.  And what I should be doing to make sure I'm
testing the right/latest stuff?

Sorry for all the questions, just the longer I'm on the list(s), the
more I'm confused as to what I should be doing, rather than less.  :)

Benjamin Reed
The OpenNMS Group

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