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Re: sugar spin and liveusb-creator

Benjamin Reed wrote:
Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
Hi all,

you may have already noticed, but we've got a Sugar spin based on Fedora
up here:

I'm loathe to CC all those lists, but being a newbie, what exactly does
this mean?  Are these new releases of the XO software?  Or of the Fedora
10 stuff for XO?  Or sugar on non-XO Fedora?  A replacement for the 767
image I installed?  Or is this something else entirely?

Well, basically, this means that you can now grab an iso image and have a look at the Sugar desktop environment without needing to install it anywhere. That way, you can give Sugar a test drive just on your normal machine. Since we're still in the progress of getting all the activities (you may get for your XO) ported into Fedora, this image doesn't include all of them, yet -- work in progress ;)

I was brought in to help with the fedora 10 testing on OLPC, but I'm
still having a hard time telling which of the billions of mails to the
testing and OLPC lists are relevant to me.  ;)

As people start getting their XOs, is there going to be a coordination
effort to make it more obvious what specific things we should be doing
to give relevant test help?  I feel like there are too many unrelated
and separate things going on, and I'm not sure what to focus my efforts

I'm sure this will get well coordinated. As far as I know, there are gregdek, jlaska and jeremy working on the coordination of the testing efforts.

My e-mail wasn't that much related to the upcoming OLPC testing effort, since it concerns the port of Sugar to Fedora and not the port of Fedora to the XO... ;)

Is there a jargon file somewhere that describes what a "spin" and an
"overlay" are and how they relate to a live CD, which I assume is
something different.  And what I should be doing to make sure I'm
testing the right/latest stuff?

Sorry for all the questions, just the longer I'm on the list(s), the
more I'm confused as to what I should be doing, rather than less.  :)

No worries, I believe this will all become clearer once the testing plans will be outlined.


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