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joyride 2514 vs rawhide

Hi All,

Having had a bit of time over the weekend while on call for work I did
some comparisons between packages in rawhide and those in joyride [1]
to see what had been merged upstream like what was done back in August
or so. The was I worked it out was just a basic grep to remove .fc9
packages as to see what was left. The first 3 sections are easy fix
and mostly either the package isn't in Fedora (first section), is
using a branch that's not in Fedora cvs (is there a cvs for OLPC
packages) or ones that are easy to merge with mainline.

It looks like 8.2.0 release is now done so the fixes would be going
towards 9.1 one at a guess, and I suspect some of this will be
dependent on whether its based on F-9 still or F-10.

Anyway, I'm not sure if the info below is useful. Sections 3 and 4
(and at least some in section 2) should be fairly simple to get
aligned with mainline fedora devel, and probably pushed to F-9 as well
if necessary. I can look to get this done if it would be helpful but
if its not I don't want to waste time on it. If so let me know. I
think the process would be essentially get any changes/fixes if
necessary into mainline and the get joyride to pull the mainline
package in rather than the branch. Once that's done the branch would
then get marked as dead. So let me know if its a help and if someone
wants me to do further.


1 - Not in Fedora
Mothanna-fonts,0.02-3.olpc3 - awaiting review - RHBZ 462711
bootfw,q2e19-1.olpc2.unsigned - no review bug
cerebro,2.9.16-1.olpc3 - no review bug
ds-backup-client,0.8.1-1.olpc3 - no review bug
squeak-vm,3.10-3olpc11 - no review bug
olpc-contents,2.5-1 - no review bug
olpc-library-common,1-31 - no review bug
olpc-licenses, - no review bug
olpcrd,0.48-0 - no review bug
olpcsudo,1.4-1 - no review bug
olpc-update,2.17-1 - no review bug

2 - No OLPC branch in Fedora CVS (not sure where to find them)
numpy,1.1.1-1.olpc3.1 - no olpc3 branch
libX11,1.1.4-3.olpc3 - no olpc3 branch but an olpc2 one
python,2.5.1-26.olpc3.1 - no branch
yum,3.2.19-3.1.olpc3 - no branch

3 - Forked but essentially the same, original fork fixed etc
gstreamer-python,0.10.7-2.olpc3.1 - NO DIFF (prob dep on newer vers of
other gst packages)
hulahop,0.4.6-4.olpc3 - identical - suspect needs xulrunner python
which is now upstream so can merge
libertas-usb8388-firmware,2:5.110.22.p18-1.olpc2 - upstream although
slightly older ver p14 vs 18 - should push new ver upstream and merge
- no OLPC branch
ntp-ntpdate,4.2.4p4-7.olpc3 - adds keys and step-tickers (looks like
should be merged with upstream)
ohm,0.1.1-6.21.20080921git.olpc3 - no upstream devel - OLPC branch
just needs to be moved into head
olpc-utils,0.89-1.olpc3 - original import in devel, just need to merge
changes to mainline
olpcsound,5.08.92-11.olpc3 - fork of csound so is exclusive to  olpc
but no reason not to merge to mainline
pyabiword,0.6.1-4.olpc3 - identical (suspect due to abiword fork but
should work fine as only abiword diff is a perl file removed for dep)
sugar,0.82.9-3.olpc3 - Same but a later build in OLPC
sugar-artwork,0.82.3-1.olpc3 - Identical
sugar-datastore,0.82.1-1.olpc3 - Same but two conflicting changes in
devel vs OLPC but easy to merge disparate changes
sugar-journal,99-4.olpc3 - Same but a later build in OLPC
sugar-toolkit,0.82.11-6.olpc3 - Same but a later build in OLPC
xorg-x11-utils,7.4-2.olpc3 - issue for branch (deps) has been fixed so
can be merged with mainline

4 - Forked but fixed with simple fix
pygtk2,2.12.1-6.olpc3.1 - Only a patch to use numpy instead of
numeric. Not sure if numpy support is in the 2.13 release in rawhide
libabiword,1:2.6.4-6.olpc3 - removes perl - will be fixed in 2.6.5 RHBZ # 463924
pygame,1.8.0-1.olpc3.3 - OLPC package has an added "Requires:
SDL_Pango" without the buildreq but no other diff should be merged U/S
xkeyboard-config,1.3-4.olpc3 - patches for different language
keyboards. 1 is already in devel so probably can merge with mainline
and move patches there (do these patches also need to be submitted for
upstream) as it would affect Fedora on OLPC too.

5 - Forked for features
gnome-python2,2.22.1-3.olpc3 - disables bonobo
gnome-vfs2,2.22.0-3.olpc3 - remove gnome-mount req
gstreamer,0.10.12-3.olpc3 - removes docs - could they be split out to
a docs package? also a very old version - v12 vs 21
gstreamer-plugins-base,0.10.12-4.olpc3.4 - removes docs and
cdparanoia, adds gnomevfs (upstream moved to gio?)
gstreamer-plugins-good,0.10.5-7.olpc3.1 - removes docs, old version
gnash,0.8.3-1.olpc3.2 - deps
hal,0.5.11-2.olpc3.1 - adds a patch to disable batt polling
hal-info,20080607-1.olpc3.1 - adds battery-fdi.patch to disable batt polling
initscripts,8.76.2-1.olpc3.7 - no idea! jkatz knows what's needed I think
kernel,2.6.25-20080925.1.olpc.f10b654367d7065 - no idea!
NetworkManager,1:0.6.5-0.11.svn3246.olpc3 - mesh patches. Is there an
upstream BZ for this?
poppler,0.6.2-5.olpc3 - disables gtk-test, abiword and splash output,
random spec updates
SDL_mixer,1.2.8-8.olpc3.1 - Drops req on timidity++-patches
sugar-evince, - issue of old evince branch with new
poppler. Test packages using a merge from upstream evince in
olpc#7615telepathy-gabble,0.7.6-4.olpc3 - patch to disable security
telepathy-salut,0.3.3-8.olpc3 - patch to disable security
totem,2.23.4-1.olpc3.6 - due to t-p-p dep issues plus other deps
totem-pl-parser,2.23.2-2.olpc3 - dependency issues with e-d-s
upstart,0.3.9-19.olpc3.1 - old version, patch to run as PID other than
1 - jkatz knows?
xorg-x11-server-common, - Looks like difference is
a patch so it don't abort if mesa swrast library is not found
xulrunner, - remove deps + some specific patches
(pyxpcom now enabled upstream)

[1] http://dev.laptop.org/~rwh/announcer/stream_data/joyride/2514.pkgs

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