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Re: SanDisk Extreme III Test Cards

I'm submitting the first purchase order for test cards this morning though it's not too late to get testers. I can continue to order in batches right up until the production quantity arrives. To make things easier, I've added the cards to our shopping cart [1], though feel free to email me directly as we can do orders manually too.

Karlie Robinson wrote:
Good morning everyone.
I have been working with SanDisk and Arrow Electronics to source the SD Cards you've spec'd for the Fedora on OLPC project. If anyone would like to test on the OEM version[1] of the cards, I can mail them to you at cost. So $30US. I'll pay the postage.

[1] - Why is OEM important? When any sort of flash memory is produced there are minute differences with the internal structure. For this project we'll need to use an OEM part which ensures that we have the same card structure with every SD we send through the duplicator. Retail packaged cards do not have a consistent internal structure which can cause quality issues with a duplication run. It's not that retail is inferior quality, but for day to day use (in a camera, phone or other application) write tolerances don't need to be as precise.

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