Moving OLPC merge to mainline forwards

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Tue Oct 21 19:56:16 UTC 2008


To begin the merge of the OLPC branches into mainline I'm going to
start attacking the easy list (IE number 3 from my previous email -
inc below). For the packages like the libertas firmware its just a
matter of moving the newer builds that are in the OLPC branches into
rawhide and getting them built. I presume as joyride is still FC-9
based we'd push it into that branch as well to keep it as clean as
possible when the rebase occurs. Alot of the OLPC only packages don't
have anything in devel anyway, and the last just need a final check
that there any differences between OLPC/F-9/rawhide before they're
untagged so as to pull the mainline package. Any objections? I've
requested uberpackager to assist in getting that done, not sure if
anyone here can approve that.

Once they're built mainline who do I need to bother and how to get the
branch untagged?

For section 2 of the previous emaill [1] below I've discovered they'll
be in people's public_rpms dirs on so any hints as to
the location in that structure I would appreciate it.


3 - Forked but essentially the same, original fork fixed etc
gstreamer-python,0.10.7-2.olpc3.1 - NO DIFF (prob dep on newer vers of
other gst packages)
hulahop,0.4.6-4.olpc3 - identical - suspect needs xulrunner python
which is now upstream so can merge
libertas-usb8388-firmware,2:5.110.22.p18-1.olpc2 - upstream although
slightly older ver p14 vs 18 - should push new ver upstream and merge
- no OLPC branch
ntp-ntpdate,4.2.4p4-7.olpc3 - adds keys and step-tickers (looks like
should be merged with upstream)
ohm,0.1.1-6.21.20080921git.olpc3 - no upstream devel - OLPC branch
just needs to be moved into head
olpc-utils,0.89-1.olpc3 - original import in devel, just need to merge
changes to mainline
olpcsound,5.08.92-11.olpc3 - fork of csound so is exclusive to  olpc
but no reason not to merge to mainline
pyabiword,0.6.1-4.olpc3 - identical (suspect due to abiword fork but
should work fine as only abiword diff is a perl file removed for dep)
sugar,0.82.9-3.olpc3 - Same but a later build in OLPC
sugar-artwork,0.82.3-1.olpc3 - Identical
sugar-datastore,0.82.1-1.olpc3 - Same but two conflicting changes in
devel vs OLPC but easy to merge disparate changes
sugar-journal,99-4.olpc3 - Same but a later build in OLPC
sugar-toolkit,0.82.11-6.olpc3 - Same but a later build in OLPC
xorg-x11-utils,7.4-2.olpc3 - issue for branch (deps) has been fixed so
can be merged with mainline


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