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Re: Moving OLPC merge to mainline forwards

>> To begin the merge of the OLPC branches into mainline I'm going to
>> start attacking the easy list (IE number 3 from my previous email -
>> inc below). For the packages like the libertas firmware its just a
>> matter of moving the newer builds that are in the OLPC branches into
>> rawhide and getting them built. I presume as joyride is still FC-9
>> based we'd push it into that branch as well to keep it as clean as
>> possible when the rebase occurs.
> Given that the idea seems to be to rebase to F10 for the next OLPC
> release (which is what this will matter for), I'm not sure that trying
> to keep any branches other than devel/F10 in mind here is really worth
> it.

OK, for the packages that don't look like its worth it I won't waste the time.

>> Alot of the OLPC only packages don't have anything in devel anyway,
> That definitely sounds like something that we should be able to fix
> pretty easily.

Cool, I'll start working through them. For the packages that currently
have forks what will happen when its rebased. I presume the ones like
NetworkManger will currently need to keep the forks so do we need to
flag the mainlined ones for when they're merged?

>> and the last just need a final check
>> that there any differences between OLPC/F-9/rawhide before they're
>> untagged so as to pull the mainline package. Any objections? I've
>> requested uberpackager to assist in getting that done, not sure if
>> anyone here can approve that.
>> Once they're built mainline who do I need to bother and how to get the
>> branch untagged?
> I don't think that untagging is going to be the case for OLPC-3 as
> OLPC-3 is basically "done" as it's what was being used for 8.2.x.


> uberpackager should be something I can help with; I'll try to take a
> look later tonight


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