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XO - XFCE test team


There's been a lot of buzz around using a more lightweight desktop
environment on the XO.  After some discussion/debate, I'd like to invite
folks to sign-up to the XFCE test team for Fedora 10 on the XO.

While GNOME will continue to be the desktop offered with this years
G1G1, I certainly don't want to discourage folks from testing
alternatives.  I do want to emphasize though that GNOME is the primary
focus for Fedora on the XO.  The work that Josh Bresser's and the
Performance Test team is doing is very important in identifying
memory/cpu/"disk" hogs on the XO.

Additionally, I am by no means an XFCE expert (or even a user).  If
you've been talking on the list about using XFCE and you're experienced
in that space ... sign up.  

Sign up at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/XO_Test_Roll_Call.

Once you sign up, I'll be asking the team to:
     1. Select a team name
     2. Select a team lead
     3. Begin fleshing out a test plan

More details on the team roles is defined in the test plan at


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