Fedora 10 on SD Card for the XO

Karlie Robinson karlie_robinson at webpath.net
Tue Oct 28 11:25:08 UTC 2008

Here's the URL for the pre-order SD cards for the XO. 


This comes about 3 weeks before the One Laptop Per Child Give One Get 
One promotion starts and exactly 4 weeks until the release of F10. 

Use this time to encourage people to visit http://laptop.org and talk up 
just how spectacular the XO is. 

Remember, there are lots of people out there who will stand in line for 
days waiting to buy electronics and this is their chance to have 
something 'exclusive' since the XO isn't something you can buy at your 
local electronics store. 

With the F10 option for the XO, adults who may not find the child 
focused graphical interface called Sugar practical for daily use, Fedora 
allows the XO to behave in a more familiar way. 

In this sense, the XO is on-par with any small form factor laptop except 
your purchase of an XO during the Give One Get One promotion directly 
effects the lives of children.  

Again, thinking about all those people who don't think twice about 
buying smart phones, game systems, and the like - there's no corporate 
profit with the XO, just a chance to better the lives of children all 
over the world. 

~Karlie Robinson

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