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Re: Fedora XO Camera Test - meeting recap

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 8:34 AM, Bryan Kearney <bkearney redhat com> wrote:
> Peter Robinson wrote:
>>>>>             3. Ekiga
>>>> I tried to hook up Ekiga to the Fedora Asterisk server with no luck. Has
>>>> anoyone done this on or off the XO?
>>> Fedora Talk only supports audio. You're going to need to try a direct
>>> ekiga-to-ekiga connection.
>> I was planning on testing this between my XO and eeePC when my XO
>> finally arrives.
> If you have it running now, lemme know (I am on #fedora-olpc) and we can try
> it out with that you have.
> -- bk
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I was able to get ekiga connected to the fedoratalk server without any
problems, however when I tested calling in to my extension from a land
line, as soon as I try to pick up to incoming call, ekiga closes down.
I need to test this further tonight before determining if a bug report
is needed.



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