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FIltering out languages via kickstart


OLPC's earlier build system (based on Pilgrim) has the option to
specify a list of languages, and translations for all languages other
than the specified ones would be filtered out. Is there anything
equivalent in Kickstart ? I ask this because I have a patch for glibc
(based on a patch used in Ubuntu) which lets one specify (via a
configuration file) an alternate locale directory for updated
translations which can be installed later on (at the site of
deployment, for example). However, the current patch in its current
form will not work if there are pre-existing translations in
/usr/share/locale - so I was wondering if shipping a build without any
preexisting translation, and then using the customization key to
install the most up to date translations may be viable.

Thank you,

Sayamindu Dasgupta

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