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Re: FIltering out languages via kickstart

On Thu, 2009-07-09 at 14:54 +0530, Sayamindu Dasgupta wrote:
> Hello,
> OLPC's earlier build system (based on Pilgrim) has the option to
> specify a list of languages, and translations for all languages other
> than the specified ones would be filtered out. Is there anything
> equivalent in Kickstart ? I ask this because I have a patch for glibc
> (based on a patch used in Ubuntu) which lets one specify (via a
> configuration file) an alternate locale directory for updated
> translations which can be installed later on (at the site of
> deployment, for example). However, the current patch in its current
> form will not work if there are pre-existing translations in
> /usr/share/locale - so I was wondering if shipping a build without any
> preexisting translation, and then using the customization key to
> install the most up to date translations may be viable.

Yes, we already specify which locales/languages we support:

%packages --excludedocs --instLangs en:es:ar:pl:pt_BR:pt:it:fr:ht:el:mn:mr_IN:th:am_ET:km_KH:ne_NP:ur_PK:rw:ja:de:tr:te:ps:fa_AF:si

but I don't particularly like the idea of excluding them all and then
forcing every deployment to run the customization stick on every laptop.
We need to do better than that.


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