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Re: FIltering out languages via kickstart

On Thu, 2009-07-09 at 16:23 +0530, Sayamindu Dasgupta wrote:
> Well, we can have an initial set of language packs pre-installed
> (taking the list from --instLangs). I am trying to set up a repository
> with RPMs generated from Pootle (similar to what we have today, but
> instead of self extracting archives, the packs will be RPMs). Does
> that sound like a viable option ?

I can still see some problems...

You're working towards having these installable from a customization
stick, right?

On the customization stick, we would then want some way of
differentiating language pack RPMs from other RPM packages - at least I
don't think we want to give the ability to install RPMs in that fashion
where we haven't before.

Also, do these RPMs write outside of /home? If so, you break the fast,
incremental olpc-update method.

But one advantage of using RPMs is that you could push the following
process to deployments:
 1. install F11 on an x86 computer
 2. run some simple commands to install livecd-creator and download our
spec file
 3. modify the spec file, adding in your language pack RPM
 4. run a command to make a build

and then they have their own *clean* build with their own language pack
as a result.

One disadvantage is that deployments (with secured laptops) that are not
able to sign their own builds would be excluded..but this has always
been the case. And I think the OLPC position at the moment is "big
deployments should sign their own builds; small deployments should have
security disabled"

Might be worth a larger discussion with Chris and Ed.


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