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Re: FIltering out languages via kickstart


2009/7/11 Alexander Boström <abo root snowtree se>:
> I'm completely ignorant regarding how translations work even in plain
> Fedora and even more so for the OLPC systems, but pray tell, why can't
> these translations be shipped as regular Fedora updates?

There are quite a few reasons. For example, our official, stable build
(version 8.2.1) is based on Fedora 9 (which has been officially
end-of-lifed recently), and runs Sugar 0.82, which has not seen any
package upgrade in at least the 6 months (I'm not blaming the Sugar
devs here, they are resource-starved, and need to prioritize
accordingly). I don't see the official build changing before the last
quarter of this year, and I know for sure, that at least one large
scale pilot (>1000 machines) is going to be deployed for the first
time a certain region (translations for at least one of the languages
to be enabled in that pilot did not exist a few months back). Doing
new package releases is not feasible in this scenario.

Even when we have an up to date system (eg F11 based), translation is
usually typically done in many cases via a set of translation sprints
at the very last moment. Submitting those translations upstream, then
chasing down each and every package maintainer (upstream as well as
distro) to do new releases within a very short timeframe is not
something that is realistically possible.
Hence the need for decoupling our translation process from the release
and packaging process.


Sayamindu Dasgupta

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