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Re: New F11 for XO-1.5 build 20

> http://dev.laptop.org/~cjb/f11-1.5/os20/os20.packages.txt is 630
> packages, for comparison the 8.2.1 build log
> http://pilgrim.laptop.org/~pilgrim/olpc/streams/8.2.1/build802/devel_ext3/build.log
> had 402 packages.  Obviously the new builds have an entire Gnome
> desktop, but some areas seemed a bit bloat-ish.
> I see perl.  Back in 2008 bonobo was pulling in Perl, and I see
> bonobo. But there's no more gnome-python2-bonobo, so what requires
> bonobo?  Maybe there are unfixed packaging issues from
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Distro_version_migration_nastiness
> 8.2.1 had no man/pod/info pages, but I see ghostscript, groff, rarian, etc.
> There's matchbox and metacity, I thought Sugar was switching to Metacity?
> etc.  No worries, I'm just curious.

there are no perl deps on on the gnome stack any more. I filed around
20 odd bugs to fix that up. The only package that currently pulls in
perl if you do a "yum groupinstall 'GNOME Desktop Environment'" the
only thing that pulls perl in is the CD burning stuff which obviously
isn't required on the XO. I'll try and run one up in a VM over the
weekend and send a patch to cleanup some of the deps. I run my eeePC
901 with a full gnome, sugar and moblin desktop and still no perl :-)

With regards to the bonobo requirement that will come from evolution
and gconf as they still require it (for the moment).


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