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Re: new F11-for-XO1 images available for testing

2009/7/25 Adric Net <adric adric net>:
> We (OLPC folks, me) are still trying to find a spot to host the build
> machine for this
> so that we can do continuous or daily automated builds for testing.
> I know it's jumping ahead a bit, but is this (for xo1 or 1.5) going to be
> updatable with yum?

You can use yum to update packages from Fedora, as has always been
true with OLPC releases.

> Leaving aside the utility of yum updates for XO in general ... for testing
> these
> builds it will be much more possible for testers to pull some updated rpms
> every day or week than pull 300MiB images and overwrite our device memory
> every day/week. Especially for the wonderful people in distant lands with
> slow and
> unreliable lines.

The images come with olpc-update and the initramfs is ready to boot
our special "versioned layout" filesystem (like 8.2 and previous).
However the code to generate the images as the versioned layout is
currently disabled because it exposed a bug in OFWs ext2 code. For
XO-1 this should be no problem. Perhaps one of the first tasks of our
new buildmasters could be to enable and test this. Then the only
missing step is to generate output accordingly so that people can run
olpc-update to receive updates.

In summary, this is not changing from the way that OLPC has previously
done things, but we're a couple of small steps away from having the
update system fully functional.


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