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Re: [Sugar-devel] Show Must Go On - SoaS for the XO-1

Hi Gary,

thanks a lot for the detailed report and the great feedback! :)

Martin Dengler wrote:
Hi Gary,

On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 09:58:49PM +0100, Gary C Martin wrote:
On 2 Jul 2009, at 23:33, Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
Heh. Well, yeah, I usually would. But I don't have the .iso files
around right now, so that we'd need to rebuild this. In the meantime,
Martin Dengler has done some great work to incorporate more cool new
stuff for the XO-1 into SoaS builds and I'd think there's a new build
coming up soonish... ;)
FWIW: My best success so far for an F11/0.84 Sugar install on an XO-1
has been with your June 16th image:


Please please don't let this image last any longer - Sebastien has new
ones that are quite close to be ready for testing.  Let's bug him for

Sebastien, can we have another build of devxo?  Are you waiting on me?

Heh. Please continue to bug me... I wanted to build one lately, but couldn't connect to the build machine - I suppose the IPv6 tunnel is down again. I'll try to build one again as soon as possible.

It would be great if we could get Martin an account there, though.

I'm really looking forward to having resumed SoaS-on-XO builds soonish. In fact, I hope to have joint releases for each target platform in the end for SoaS v2.


[Issues: bad activity install location, tiny fonts, wrong Browse

These big issues you mention have been addressed.

If anyone has a better recommendation for getting 0.84 Sugar on an XO,
happy to hear it. Perhaps the new F11-for-XO1 build?

Right now most feedback on F11-for-XO1 is applicable for SoaS-XO1, and
vice-versa.  So go for whatever you can get :).

4) Paul Fox's new power scripts were working reasonably well, smooth
screen dimming, sleep, shutdown tweaks, lid close. But much too
intensive for most use; when otherwise idling it would usually dim, then
wake, them dim, then wake (maybe wireless activity?).

Interesting - I hadn't seen this wake ->  dim ->  wake cycling, even
when connected to jabber.sugarlabs.org.  Perhaps this is an old issue
now addressed (cross fingers).

There are the usual know issues with audio playback, recording, XO
camera support, but nothing unexpected at this point in dev time.

Yup - some F11 tickets have been mentioned on this list in the past
few days that are applicable (in particular, the camera issue).



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