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Re: [Sugar-devel] Show Must Go On - SoaS for the XO-1

I'll second the desire for all platforms
since my first G1G1 XO-1 bit the dust recently,
and I can't replace it, not sure about pool
lending lib long term availability..

ISO, SOAS, virtualization appliance, XO-1. XO-1.5,
source builds,
and not sure what people do plan to about distros
and platforms besides Fedora?

Would make a nice grid/table, don't you think?

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 1:27 PM, Sebastian Dziallas<sebastian when com> wrote:
> Hi Gary,
> thanks a lot for the detailed report and the great feedback! :)
> Martin Dengler wrote:
>> Hi Gary,
>> On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 09:58:49PM +0100, Gary C Martin wrote:
>>> On 2 Jul 2009, at 23:33, Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
>>>> Heh. Well, yeah, I usually would. But I don't have the .iso files
>>>> around right now, so that we'd need to rebuild this. In the meantime,
>>>> Martin Dengler has done some great work to incorporate more cool new
>>>> stuff for the XO-1 into SoaS builds and I'd think there's a new build
>>>> coming up soonish... ;)
>>> FWIW: My best success so far for an F11/0.84 Sugar install on an XO-1
>>> has been with your June 16th image:
>>>   http://download.sugarlabs.org/soas/xoimages/devxo-1.crc
>>>   http://download.sugarlabs.org/soas/xoimages/devxo-1.img
>> Please please don't let this image last any longer - Sebastien has new
>> ones that are quite close to be ready for testing.  Let's bug him for
>> those.
>> Sebastien, can we have another build of devxo?  Are you waiting on me?
> Heh. Please continue to bug me... I wanted to build one lately, but couldn't
> connect to the build machine - I suppose the IPv6 tunnel is down again. I'll
> try to build one again as soon as possible.
> It would be great if we could get Martin an account there, though.
> I'm really looking forward to having resumed SoaS-on-XO builds soonish. In
> fact, I hope to have joint releases for each target platform in the end for
> SoaS v2.
> Cheers,
> --Sebastian
>>> [Issues: bad activity install location, tiny fonts, wrong Browse
>>> version]
>> These big issues you mention have been addressed.
>>> If anyone has a better recommendation for getting 0.84 Sugar on an XO,
>>> happy to hear it. Perhaps the new F11-for-XO1 build?
>> Right now most feedback on F11-for-XO1 is applicable for SoaS-XO1, and
>> vice-versa.  So go for whatever you can get :).
>>> 4) Paul Fox's new power scripts were working reasonably well, smooth
>>> screen dimming, sleep, shutdown tweaks, lid close. But much too
>>> intensive for most use; when otherwise idling it would usually dim, then
>>> wake, them dim, then wake (maybe wireless activity?).
>> Interesting - I hadn't seen this wake ->  dim ->  wake cycling, even
>> when connected to jabber.sugarlabs.org.  Perhaps this is an old issue
>> now addressed (cross fingers).
>>> There are the usual know issues with audio playback, recording, XO
>>> camera support, but nothing unexpected at this point in dev time.
>> Yup - some F11 tickets have been mentioned on this list in the past
>> few days that are applicable (in particular, the camera issue).
>>> Regards,
>>> --Gary
>> Martin
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leave the wolves behind ;-)

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