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Re: Disk layout for XO-1.5

Hi, [adding fedora-olpc-list to CC]

   > Are we stuck with 1.1GiB or do we think we can reduce that further?

Well, there are a few things going on here.  We have activities and
content (and will probably add more activities and content) that's
currently part of the 1.1GiB, but is actually in /home, and isn't
going to count towards our "system partition" use.  So we need to
split that out in our calculations; currently 162MiB of the 1.14GiB
used is in /home, so we're actually just under 1GiB.

It seems likely that we can reduce the system partition size by one
or two hundred MiB without extreme effort, but I haven't looked into
where the space is going yet.  However, after we do that we're going
to want to add more applications, such as OpenOffice, so I wouldn't
want to commit to staying under 1GiB for a single system partition.
(It wouldn't be necessarily *bad* to use more than that, if the
things we're going to add are valuable and we've cut out the cruft
we're not actually using.)

So, let's go ahead with the discussion about whether we want to use
partitions and what they should be called/what filesystems we should
use for them, without committing on a size just yet.  If one of the
fedora-olpc readers could come up with a report listing our installed
RPMs by size on disk, that would rock.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb laptop org>

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